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Last Day In Cancun [Nov. 26th, 2011|01:18 am]
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The shopping excursion into town didn't happen. We were content to fill our day with more bed, on the deck, in the 'lazy river' pool, on the beach. Ordered a room service breakfast, and went to the Asian restaurant for dinner. And dinner was pretty damn good (I had a New York teriyaki steak). Then we decided to head back to the French restaurant to get some of their excellent creme brule for dessert. In fact, we wanted it so much that we were willing to wait outside in the courtyard with a vibro-coaster for half an hour. But when we got our table, we were told that they were all out of creme brule. Which was sad-making, but we ordered other things instead. Then the waiter came out and told us that the chef was making up a batch of the creme just for us. So we got nice sized bowls of it, instead of the usual miniature ones ( I ate so much this's disgusting). I tipped them nicely for being so accommodating. Really though...the whole staff here is friendly and professional.

After dinner, I hit the dance bar, for a bit of karaoke night. I got to sing 'Enjoy The Silence', which was fun. At 11, a DJ took over, and I stuck around for as much bad disco and Black Eyed Peas songs as I could stand (about 20 minutes worth). I recognized several of the people there...the couple who shared their chips with me in music trivia; a guy from Texas who almost beat me in trivia; a Dutch woman and her partner, who were seated with Karen and I at the Thanksgiving buffet dinner. Party people were in the house. Anyway, now I'm going to crawl into bed with my book and enjoy my last night down here. We check out at noon, and head off to the airport at 1.

[User Picture]From: jenifoto
2011-11-26 07:58 pm (UTC)


Sounds awesome- creme brule is MY FAVE! I'm jealous!!!