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The Ice Storm [Dec. 22nd, 2013|09:04 pm]
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All week long, weather forecasts were warning that a storm was coming our way for this weekend, and that depending on temperatures it could bring as much as 20 cm of snow. Well, as it turned out, temperatures hovered right around the freezing mark - creating the perfect conditions for an ice storm. It rained through most of Saturday, and the precipitation began to freeze on contact with everything it touched. Karen and I were supposed to attend Raquel's annual 'Roast Beast Feast' last night, but as our departure time approached, the roads were becoming treacherous, and we knew the situation would be worse by the time we'd be heading home. So we cancelled. In hindsight, we probably would have made it home okay, but it's best to be safe. Because when we woke up this morning, things were pretty bad indeed. Two trees across the street from us had come down, and the cars were coated in half an inch of ice. We had power, but checking the news revealed that hundreds of thousands of others in the area were not so lucky. In other words, a good day to stay home, and that's just what we did. Eventually, we ventured out to clear the sidewalk and driveway. Thankfully, Karen had a spade for the task, because the plastic shovels weren't going to cut it. To clear the cars, we poured buckets of hot water onto the windows and the tops of doors. Eventually, we got the job done.

[User Picture]From: notorious_oit
2013-12-23 02:43 am (UTC)


Glad you guys are holding up! We got the hell out of Toronto and are spending the holiday in St. John's buried in snow instead, LOL!
[User Picture]From: theoddbirdrant
2013-12-24 02:38 pm (UTC)


Sorry we missed you at the Beast Feast but safety first, def wouldn't have driven anywhere in that freezing rain either!