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What's Another Word For Pirate Treasure?

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Sean Montgomery
22 July 1971
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1971 - Born, Sudbury Ontario. Soon thereafter was whisked away to Montreal as my father returned to complete his BFA degree at Concordia University.
1976 - Parti Quebecois takes power in Quebec. Thousands of English-speaking folk flee, including my mother's employer. My family joins the exodus. We settle in the Toronto suburb of Brampton.
1976-1990 - Watch a lot of cartoons. Draw pictures and play with Lego. Collect Mad Magazines, Stephen King novels, Fighting Fantasy books, comic books, Tangerine Dream albums. Don't get out much.
1985 - Get introduced to an Apple Macintosh computer. Learn MacPaint. The first stone on the path to my future career is laid.
1990-1994 - Attend Queen's University in Kingston Ontario. Meet the people who will later account for my presence here on LiveJournal. I make some paintings, and learn how to live on very little money, as well as how to crank out an essay in three hours.
1995 - After a year spent working at a graphic design company, I return to school to earn a diploma in Computer Animation.
1996 - Get hired at Toronto's Topix Computer Graphics and Animation. Move out into my first real apartment, in Toronto's Riverdale neighbourhood.
1997 - Meet future wife Karen at a co-worker's housewarming party.
2001 - Karen and I buy a house...back in Brampton!
2004 - I leave Topix and move to San Clemente, California; to work as a Lighting Supervisor on the CG-animated film 'Barnyard'
2006 - Return to Brampton, work at Toronto's 'Mr X' for four months. Animate some balls.
2007 - Pack up the car again, and return to California - to lead the Lighting for the Barnyard TV series.
2008 - Return to Toronto, to work for Starz Animation.

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